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My offerings are designed for those who need support in reaching their goals and visions and are fully committed to engaging in embodied excavation and liberation. 


My offerings are specifically designed with the presence of other Black, Indigenous, Queer, Trans, Non-Binary (BIQTPOC)  artists, survivors, intuitives, and healers in mind, and more specifically, with those who already have some foundational embodiment or spiritual practices within their foundations, and even more specifically for those who have experienced sexual abuse, harm, or assault. 


But the major requirement for working with me is enthusiasm, commitment, and readiness to engage in a personalized, somatic and ritualistic healing process, whether you fall into this community sphere or not.  My personal desire is to keep my services open to all whilst centering those who reflect my own identities whilst becoming a bridge where our differences become our core strengths and not solely sites of contestation, dispute, or antagonism. 


You might need: 

  • an extra push and support to reach the next level of your goals, dreams, and visions

  • support grieving and holding space for your losses 

  • to integrate more ritual and embodiment into your life

  • to get creative and entrepreneurial visions off the ground

  • to engender more concrete structure and tangible timelines together to keep your projects on track

  • an accountability partner to support you in creating a structure that ensures incremental growth on any level

  • constructive, compassionate, intentional feedback for your creative body of work (or other projects and nascent ideas)

  • TLC via intentional and caring touch that calls upon your Guides and is rooted in unconditional love, consent, and slowing down


My prayer is that those who invest their time, resources, and energy into working with me experience breakthroughs (subtle, grand, and in-between), grounding, cellular transformation, and get to discover new parts of themselves they were never aware of. 


[Core Offering] The _______ Room / El Cuarto Del Duelo: Embodied Healing & Intuitive Coaching (1:1)


The ________ Room / El Cuarto Del Duelo is an intimate, multi-month container where I support you with stabilizing your creative vision and your personal-emotional-spiritual foundations. This container is a four figure investment that can be booked via a payment plan and arrangement, if needed. Within this journey, you become a powerful channel, guide, and bridge from where you currently are to where you wish to be. 


As a healer, artist, and entrepreneur who self-identifies as queer, non-binary, and AfroIndigenous, hybridity, patterns of migration, and working with paradox are themes that run through all of my work. Within each individual session or rehearsal, I take the time to listen deeply both to what is being said and not said and what the energy in the room is emitting. From these focal points, I use my intuition, the repertoire of exercises, scores, and templates I have accumulated throughout the years, and your respective needs-energy-desires to devise an experience that is unique to you and addresses your specific alchemy. 


I become an active witness to your unfolding and we work together to bring the energies of your Future / Cosmic Self into the present. This is a space for you to integrate experiences and lessons learned that need to be filtered, processed, and acknowledged before you can move forward. 


The _________ Room offering focuses on movement of the body but I will always make exercises accessible to your own configuration, needs, and desires if your movement background is non-existent or minimal. My power lies in sharing and curating embodied rituals that center your body and the intentions you are wishing to materialize this month, season, or year. We also work closely with the movements of the celestial bodies, the Moon specifically, as an extension of your own celestial body. Ultimately, my role is to be a guide and compass along your journey. I am here to remind you of your beauty, worth, inherent wisdom and the intelligence of your own body by creating apertures for you to sense into this well and wealth of power. We are here to love up on the things that make you you, even the patterns you are most wanting to transmute, and through compassionate witnessing giving these patterns space to shift. 


I want you to leave sessions with me feeling rejuvenated, restored, grappling with new questions, ideas, and thoughts, and excited about the next steps to bring you closer to achieving your goals. We will always at your own pace and within the bounds of your specific schedules and commitments. 


The ideal timeframe for working with me would be (3) months and can extend as long as 9 months, if desired. We will ensure to align your timeline with the movements of the Moon so that we can get extra precise with the timing of certain tasks and desired manifestations. 


To guarantee your own success (and here we are defining success on your own terms), it is imperative that you commit to showing up and to doing the work. Ultimately, the results are ALWAYS up to your level of commitment as you are investing in yourself and in me as your guide so it will be critical to ask yourself where you’re at in relation to your capacity to commit and whether the need to focus on your growth is urgent or not. 

Specific Outcomes:

  • ​More holistic vitality, energy, and stronger presence within your physical body and auric field paving the way for more joy to enter your field;

  • More clarity of direction and vision w/ respect to timelines, creative projects, and next steps you need to take to take you and your work to the next level;

  • More self-awareness around patterns, limiting beliefs, and behaviors that are ready to be transmuted and shifted through compassion and long-term commitment; 

  • Creating a specific tool kit of exercises, rituals, prompts, and templates that will be available to you to return to as often as you'd like even after our time together has come to an end;

  • Developing a more nuanced relationship to your spiritual body and healing praxis / foundation by specifically integrating choreographic and embodiment scores into your core strengths; 

  • Redefining and honing in on your relationship to praxis, time, success, value, money, career, romance, amongst other specific life themes and motifs;

  • Honing of your artistic voice and the creation of a physical language that is unique to your needs and desires;

  • Y otras cosas...!

Additional Services & Offerings |


Ask me about: 

  • ​Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Sessions

  • Creative Project Management 

  • Big Picture Visioning 

  • Choreographic / Performance-Based Dramaturgical Support

  • Ritualistic Choreographic Performance Praxis

  • Course & Residency / Retreat Design & Development 

  • Grant Writing, Artist Residency & Fellowship Writing, Graduate School Application Writing

  • Editorial / Proofreading Support 

  • Financial Wellness for Artists  

  • Death Doula / Grief Ritual Support 

  • Erotic Touch / Massage / Energy Werq

  • Y Mas…!

All Services include sliding scale rates for those who need this accessibility




If this 1:1 coaching container or any of my other services are resonating for you, please do not hesitate to email me at to find a time for an introductory 30-minute platica / chat. We'll discuss the specific offering you have in mind in a more nuanced way and I can answer any of your questions regarding price points, payment options, and anything else during our call. 


If I’m not the best fit for you, I can surely redirect you and refer to someone who can be!


For those interested in more info on my choreographic approach, please go here.

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