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From The _____ Room, Embodied Oracle Readings, & Grant Writing Clients:


"Rage Room was the next step I never knew I needed in my artistic journey. Estrellx is such an attentive, focused and spacious witness. I went from not feeling like my own creative life existed to witnessing synchronicities left and right, nudging me along, and seeing my dreams flow into manifestation. My intention was to create not only an individual project, but to create a mechanism and practice that I could return to embark upon for all of my projects. Estrellx helped me to realize the ways in which the ancestors and guides I had been summoning were dropping hints about my practice, and offered practical timelines, resources, and ideas on how to share and fund my work. I highly recommend working with them if you have a project that you know is in your growing edge, that centers your sensuality, pleasure, and spirit, alchemizing parts of you that are uncomfortable that need to be expressed!" - Carmina 


​"Estrellx is one of the most inspiring souls I’ve worked with in my career as a dance and performance artist. They have pushed me beyond my bounds, know how to create an embodied space for raw truth and revelatory expression—unafraid of audacity… they are a legend of the living… they’re a cutting edge renaissance artist that is utilizing psychic somatic tools to forge a new existence on this planet." - Axé 


“I really enjoyed the meditation towards the end of the reading. I learned to exercise the power of the mind, in which I started to ask myself where my desires come from, and what I really want.” - Pan 

From Dark Matter Day Rave (formerly New Moon Werqshops) Participants:


“Estrellx's New Moon Werqshop was truly a pleasurable experience. Being able to oscillate between movement, meditation, personal reflection, and rest was the perfect reset and recharge that I needed as I moved into a new season of my life.” - Olaiya


“I have participated in Estrellx’s New Moon Werqshops several times. Estrellx provides such a welcoming and nurturing, soul affirming space. They are present and intuitive and their moon ceremonies were the best I have ever attended. They landed on me in such a deep way, it was truly transformational. Estrellx has so much to offer. They create a kaleidoscope of an experience every time and it stays with me all month and beyond. Estrellx tunes into each of our energies and holds space with reverence, and beauty. Their offerings are powerful and I am so grateful to have experienced them.” - Julie 

From Somatic Touch Clients:

"Coming home to myself through Estrellx's craniosacral practice was an incredible experience. I've had lots of body work over the years, but never experienced the peace and deep listening that Estrellx offers. I felt supported, seen, held, and deeply cared for in my session. Estrellx's presence and quality of touch was extremely gentle and attentive. Rather than doing work on me, I felt that they opened up space for me to sense and channel some of my deepest sensitivities, and guided me through the changes I was activating. This experience in itself allowed me to access a deeper sense of self trust, empowerment, and awareness.

I was greatly changed through my experience receiving craniosacral touch from Estrellx . I dream of working with them again on this deep healing level and encourage anyone in need of deep shifts to reach out to them!" - Bay 

I so appreciated Estrellx’s gentle warmth. I was shook (literally! in the best way) by the patient presence of their craniosacral work. Who knew how deep someone could reach into me by, ironically, holding their hands just above the surface of my body? A session with Estrellx is a space to rest, tremble, breathe, and realign—and to be held in loving care all the while. - Ajani

From Choreographic / Performance-Based Collaborators:


“As a choreographer, Estrellx held a caring and gorgeous space for the unreconciled and challenged parts of me that wanted to be awakened or released. As an artistic leader living in the now, they also strongly and gently held awareness for the systemic traumas we are dismantling together in process. UUU and I were intercoursing through the depths of my Self and layers of connectivity and consciousness...bringing something so inward in relationship with one another and the world. “ - Min 


"Working with Estrellx as a performer was a full and enriching experience. I felt drawn to be there, collectively drawn to everyone who collaborated on this project. I felt the communication was always clear, there was a grounding in consent that was present since the beginning, and a consistent openness. I grew in this container, and was allowed to live inside my full artistic self. So much love for Estrellx & the team.” - Nico 

Working with Estrellx in [u.u.u.] was empowering and cathartic during times of social isolation and stress. Estrellx created a virtual space for performers to move together and share in one's artistic aspirations buried in one's sub/unconscious mind. I had not met Estrellx in-person before working with them; through the process online that culminated in-person filming, I was very appreciative of their willingness to hold space for discussions of what we were creating together and generosity to consider the performer's wellbeing throughout the project. I would trust them to guide another group movement session in learning how to release negative affect through the body and create a community of beings where hierarchy is decentralized. - Tina


“My experience working with Estrellx was in three words: loving, inspiring, and respectful. Our relationship was one that was based on mutual respect from the start. As a young artist fresh out of undergrad, and as a virtual contributor, I was worried I would not feel like a valued part of the project due to an inability to contribute in the same ways as other cast members. However, it was Estrellx's leadership and honest conversations which allowed my explorative voice and ideas to be championed. I was wholeheartedly embraced as a core artistic member as much as any other member. Our first group conversations surrounded ideas of ownership, levels we were able to commit, and values as artists and were reflected throughout the entire artistic process. Because of the time difference, Estrellx offered an opportunity to work 1-on-1 with me in order to have me fully contribute to the work. Our 1-on-1 sessions were often highlights of my week and offered me a beautiful outlet to create, heal, and dance. One of the most memorable experiences was during a movement witnessing session where Estrellx and I really flushed out some ideas about the Underground before experimenting with green screen performance. The final performance was a culmination of these moments of experimentation and trust, resulting in a performance that felt steeped in our personality and voice, and worthy of the time we committed to creating it. From this experience I know I have also gained new artistic family, mentors, and future collaborators.” - G

From School of Tenderness Programming Participants & Curated Artists:

"...Through PLATAFORMA, Supernova pushed the parameters of dance and performance presentation away from the transactional object and the spectacular, opening up the field to a new ground in which there is no center, but only a vital constellation in which a new axiology pulses with the slow, the quotidian, the durational, the relational, and the gift." - María  

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