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Vulture Invocation Realness,  [Filmed by Chani Bockwinkel @ Stern Grove, June 2020]

i feel vulnerable.

i feel vulnerable.

i feel vulnerable. 

finding strategies for getting out of my own way.

finding strategies for getting out of my own way.

finding strategies for getting out of my own way.

i am in relation.

i am in relation.

i am always in relation to letting something go.

death by disco_pt. 2 [Presented at BAMPFA, Nov. 2019] live sound composition by DJ Madre Gitana 

composing, decomposing, flesh bodies. 

the womb space. the internal hearth. 

how long will it take for us to melt?

how long in this state of unknowing?

I am the plastic. the ice itself. the slippery inconsistencies.

plasticity of memories colliding. 

press play. rinse and repeat.  

do you re-member me?

death by disco_pt.II  [Presented at BAMPFA, Nov. 2019, Live Set by: DJ Madre Gitana] 

This work continues deepening the research motif of club spaces as sites of generative dissonance. I've always been interested in durational practices because duration and repetition to me are inherently connected to ritual. How many hours have I spent inside of a dark club space surrendering to the pulse of the beat and why does the pulse continue to beckon me towards it? There is something more here to be discovered.  

nothing ever stays white for too long,  [Presented at East Side Arts Alliance, Sept. 2019]

you know it's a risk, right?

you might step in shit. it might start raining. 

all white for ceremony, for ritualistic purposes, 

for commitments to letting go of what is no longer needed. 

wash the sharp edges with a warm white cloth, rose water, 

and lavender scented soap. 

where do you want to go from here?  

vectors of yearning and desire propel and differentiate through me. 

another iteration of not the same old thing, [presented at Joe Goode Annex, Apr. 2019]

club space as a site of generative dissonance. 

multi-directional desires and sites of generosity.

our bodies dripping in sweat and cum. 

i continue persisting on my liberation. 

hours spent banging my body against impulses

in dark caves and cavernous spaces. 

The Tower. Fecundity. The Conductor. The Navigator. 

We are all implicated as we witness the unfolding.  

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