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MAR. 25 - AUG. 19, 2023


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[Rhizomatica #3: GLITCH IN THE CROSSROADS is an explicitly [VIRTUAL], experimental, somatic-healing based performance lab co-led by Estrellx Supernova, june yuen ting, and Guest Instigators that centers the healing arts, choreographic excavation, and ritualistic cartographies. This cycle will dive more deeply into the realm of choreographic inquiry, divinatory performance, and ritual. Each session will include time for dialogue, movement, meditation, writing, and activation of somatic scores within public, virtual, and private domains. Guest Artists will come and pay the cohort a visit throughout the timeline of this experience to instigate further thought and deviations on the core theme.


Core questions include:


What conditions do you need to be able to surrender, play, re-pattern layers of conditioning, and inhabit your erotic energy?


How can we function as compassionate mirrors for one another to make this liberatory state consistent?


What conditions do we need to glitch ourselves, individually and collectively, into an entirely new paradigm where past-present-future become one fluid state? 


What have you deemed and named impossible? What remains too hard to digest? How can we forgive the un-forgive-able? Is this even possible?

How can pleasure and embodied kinetics support us with co-creating a regenerative future and function as salves that move and empower us through conflict?


What can you no longer carry on your own with respect to your emotional body, dreams, and projects?

Alone and together, we will craft instant performances and rituals, dig into durational movement and endurance art practices, practice telepathy, break bread, break out into different constellations where we unpack questions that lead to more questions, and fuck with the container of Zoom to see how far we can push its two-dimensionality to become a rhizomatic organism.

In general, Rhizomatica is a unique opportunity to come undone, learn how to thrive in discomfort, have heart-centered dialogue, strategize, cross-pollinate between practices-beliefs-methodologies, become inspired, and creatively messy by trying something that new, different, and potentially unknown. This virtual cycle can hold space for (24) cohort members and will require a minimum of (9 - 12) participants to run!

The intention behind
Rhizomatica has and will continue to beto engender a global constellation of care between and amongst Queer-Trans Creatives of the Global Majority and Allies, where we balance resting, moving, dreaming, awakening; where one cohort echo-communicates and leaves traces behind for the next cohort to consume, metabolize, and spit out.

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**rough sketch** 


ALL SESSIONS OCCUR [9AM - 12PM PST / 12PM - 3PM EST / 5PM - 8PM GMT] unless otherwise specified! (everything highlighted in pink is confirmed) 

Mar. 25 | Session #1, Opening Circle, Setting the Container (w/ Estrellx + June)  **(session will extend by an extra 15 mins)**

Mar. 26 | Session #2, Opening Circle Continued (w/ Estrellx + Spirit Guides)  **(session will extend by an extra 15 mins)**

Apr. 2 | Guest Artist Session TBA
Apr. 9 | Estrellx/June Co-Facilitated Session **(session will extend by an extra 30 mins)**
Apr. 23 | In the Heart of Club IX Ft. BAPARI + Guided by Estrellx 

May 7 | Guest Artist Session w/ jas lin + Ana Victoria Andres

May 14 | In the Heart of Club IX Ft. BAPARI + Guided by Estrellx 

May 21 | Estrellx/June Co-Facilitated Session + Foci Dialogue  

June 11 | Guest Artist Session  w/ Cy X

June 18 | Estrellx/June Session  + Foci Dialogue

June 25 Estrellx/June Session  + Foci Dialogue

July 2 | Guest Artist Session w/ Edgar Fabían Frías **(date shift)**

July 9 | Estrellx/june Co-Facilitated Session + Foci Dialogue **(date shift)**

July 30 | Guest Artist Session w/ TiffRexRei 

Aug. 13 | Guest Artist Session w/ mukhtara yusuf

Aug. 19 | Estrellx/June Co-Facilitated Session + Performative Culminations (or-not), Pt. 1 *(session will extend by an extra 15 mins)**

Aug. 20 | Performative Culminations (or-not) Pt. 2 & Closing Circle (w/ Estrellx, June, & Spirit Guide), **(session will extend by an extra 30 mins)**

Foci / Hot Topics include

- healing ecologies
- the erotic as grounding force
- grief work and ritual

- engendering collective economies

- sobriety and queer nightlife

- expanding queer intimacy and relationships 
- site specific practice / interventions

- approaches to choreography, ritual, and performance

- how the f*** do i deal with all of this systemic violence

- unpacking virality via social media and the ongoing pandemics


Core Team:


Co-Facilitators: Estrellx Supernova & june yuen ting

Administrative Queen: Estrellx Supernova 

Spirit Guide: Yoli Sanchez

Bios |

Estrellx Supernova integrates club spaces as sites of generative dissonance and implements [task as meditation, divergent simultaneity, Qi Energetics, divination, and somatic work] into their ritualistic performative language. They love getting messy by conjuring choreographic rituals within quotidian, natural, subliminal, and imaginary landscapes. Their performances are templates for reclaiming, re-membering, and rewiring patterns and ancestral wisdom in service of engendering new systems, behaviors, temporalities, and paradigms. 

Estrellx frames choreography as embodied excavation, as an intimate practice that opens up portals towards giving oneself radical permission to dissent, celebrate, grieve, and rest. Estrellx asks, "What do you really want and how exactly do you want it? Are we celebrating or mourning or both? How do we work with what we have to redesign how we do everything? How do we prepare for the not yet seen?" 

june yuen ting dreams of another world that is already here—a world, or worlds that are so expansive, so abundant, and so immanent that the confines of colonial capitalist modernity cannot hold. a descendant of han chinese / hoklo settlers who migrated to the lands of the basay / ketagalan people in northern taiwan in the 18th century, june was born a settler whose life is made possible by the violent structure of settler colonialism that must be dismantled—and sometimes it means dismantling the very material and epistemic conditions that hold this life together. a dissenter of settler state militarism in taiwan that is a historical product of us cold war military and economic imperialism, june took flight to the us, with all its bitter, colonial ironies in retrospect—to the lands of the kumeyaay people that the settlers call san diego, california. from one settler colony to another, june has been grappling with, struggling against, and outright failing the imperial narrative of middle-class east asian immigrants in search of “freedom” and “opportunity” by assimilating into and serving as a prop for the white settler state—on a stolen land built by stolen peoples. this life work of reckoning and unlearning continues as june moved again and now live in the center of the old empire—london, uk—where projects of colonization and genocide were birthed 400 years ago.

june dances, organizes, agitates, and grieves. they wake up everyday yearning for transformation—for reparation, rematriation, and redistribution. without the desire to learn to love better, fight better, they wouldn’t have been here. they want so deeply for all the descendants of european colonial violence a fighting chance of loving one another in spite of and against the abiding colonial inscription of heteropatriarchy—a fighting chance of loving us.

Guest Artists:  

Bapari is a Haitian-American musician, producer and DJ. They recently released  their sophomore EP ‘Stamina’ with the Mexico-City based label NAAFI, known internationally for their cutting edge electronic releases. Bapari has created soundtracks and scores that have been featured at Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater, Redbull Music x Compose LA, as well as New York Fashion Week. They’ve headlined Boiler Room and host the monthly show Puffy on NTS Radio. Their musical style explores electronic experimentation to create anywhere from unique underground club tracks to genre-bending sonic landscapes. Recently Bapari was selected for the LANDxAIR artist residency program hosted by Nomadic Divisions and Werkärtz and previously completed a two-year residency program by NAVEL, the artist collective and performance space in downtown Los Angeles.

jas lin 林思穎 (they/them/ta) is a queer taiwanese/american performance artist, choreographer, director, facilitator, and human becoming committed to the life-long process of un-learning and un-teaching hierarchical, Othering, and superficial ways of moving, being, sensing, and knowing.

ana victoria andres


As a Yang Earth Dragon (Bazi), Tiff Rex Rei is here to disrupt societal convention, to break through, exceed, go past established boundaries, to arrive in new realms of possibility and concurrently help guide others do so. Their fulfilling purpose (51st gift Gene Keys) is not so much about what I do, but the spirit and energy in which I live. Their inner and outer work centers on self exploration, healing, ritual, creative expression, life-path alignment, and self love. 

Their current passions lie in studying the cultivation and alignment of Qi, otherwise known as life force energy, breath of creation, embodiment of life and existence. Their current practices center on how to be in integrity, depth, presence within my relationships and intentions. By bridging the stories, interests, expressions and histories of one’s past, present, and future, they help people come into a fuller acceptance of who they are and how they are here to serve our greater evolution. 

Edgar Fabián Frías works in installation, photography, video art, sound, sculpture, printed textiles, GIFs, performance, social practice, and community organizing, among other forms. Frías is Wixárika and their family is from Mexico, though they have lived in the United States for most of their life. Their art addresses historical legacies and acts of resistance, resiliency, and radical imagination within the context of Indigenous Futurism, spirituality, play, pedagogy, animism, and queer aesthetics. Weaving together the traditional and ancestral with the contemporaneous and emergent. 

Born in East Los Angeles in 1983, Frías received dual BA degrees in Psychology and Studio Art from UC, Riverside. In 2013, they received an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, with an emphasis on Interpersonal Neurobiology and Somatic Psychotherapy. Frías received their MFA in Art Practice from UC Berkeley in 2022. 

Cy X is Pleasure Ceremony and cyberwitch666.


Check Back Soon for More Confirmations and Artist Bios!

Application Due Date: 


Official Due Date (for core cohort): Mar. 6, 2023 | 11:59 PM EST


Final Call (for core cohort): Mar. 12, 2023 | 11:59PM EST


Ongoing Due Date for Drop-Ins: Aug. 18, 2023 | 11:59PM EST

Please Note:

- ALL APPLICANTS: If accepted into the experience, full participation and commitment to the schedule is expected and desired due to the curatorial design of this program. That being said, sessions will be recorded in the event that you are not able to attend due to whatever personal or work-related reasons may arise on your end. 

- If you have any questions or concerns about the schedule or format of Rhizo #3, please contact Estrellx at





RHIZO #3 is for Queer-Trans Creatives of the Global Majority & Allies who: 

  • have a strong creative practice in the dance/choreographic/movement realms;

  • for non-dancers/choreographers/artists who reside in other fields (e.g. architecture, neuroscience, business) that are interested in engaging with embodiment, healing, choreography, ritual; 

  • are interested in working autonomously and in collaboration with others;

  • are emerging, established, and anywhere in between; 

  • are seeking an intentional, rigorous, and committed network of care to be supported by in this time of global transition;

  • are calling in collective healing, accountability structures, reciprocity, pleasure, cross-pollination, liberation;

  • are yearning to experiment with creating alternative structures in relation to time, economy, careers, productivity, intimacy, and collaboration;

  • who feel or have never felt [insert identity label or term here]-enough;

  • who battle w/ the internal tension created by having "colonized/colonizer" blood running through the body and are ready to integrate this energy. 

  • A Note on Allies:

    If you are applying to this container
     as an ally, there is an expectation that you already possess a critical and rigorous understanding of how your positionalities intersect with power, privilege, class, gender (and any other intersections that are relevant to you within this ontology) and how your actions (or lack thereof) impact everyone around you, oftentimes disproportionately. This is NOT a space that will be sharing tools on how to become a stronger ally and will NOT center whiteness or undoing/unlearning white supremacy even though this space does acknowledge that colonialism is an insidious energy that is impacting ALL of us, even when we are ALL impacted to different degrees and scales. This will be a space that holds multiple truths and centers simultaneously, inviting nuance, and the possibility that even though we might not all agree, we all deserve to thrive and have access to the resources that we need to heal.  

    This will be a space to wrestle with our individual and collective conditioning and will not tolerate any -isms or -phobias. All of us, even Global Majority individuals, are works in process and the invitation is to bring what you know, bring humility, and a beginner's mind to the table and each session. Rhizomatica strives to activate and cultivate a space where generative dissonance, humility, and cultural competency are in motion, embodied, uplifted, through and beyond the body, where it is possible to say no, ask the hard questions knowing that there will never be a singular answer or one pathway that serves us all, and ask questions that generate currents of reciprocal exchange. We will engender apertures and give space to what needs to be named, especially to tensions held within our sinews and flesh.

    Finally, Rhizomatica is set with the intention to uplift the voices and presences of Queer-Trans Creatives of the Global Majority. We honor your humanity as an ally, but never at the expense of our own lives and well-being. 


RHIZO white-01.png
RHIZO white-01.png
RHIZO white-01.png
RHIZO green mush.png





Rhizo #3 will be running as a membership model where you pay a monthly sliding scale fee of
to access each month's session
s. Please analyze your current financial situation and select your contribution accordingly. 

Suggested Sliding Scales:

Tier 1: [$0 - $75/month] or [$0 - $25/session]
Tier 2: [$100 - $225/month] or [$33.33 - $75/session]
Tier 3: [$250 - $450/month] or [$83.33 - $150/session]

PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN,  No One Will Be Turned Away For Lack of Funds! <3


  1. (2- 3) Monthly Sessions that will oscillate between a Guest Artist intervention, a collective dialogue on one of our hot topics, a session led by Estrellx and june, and other surprises.

  2. If you'd like to schedule additional 1:1 support w/ Estrellx and/or this cycle's Spirit Guide you can do so at the following rates:

    • Estrellx: $111 - $222/1.5 hr long sessions

    • Spirit Guide: TBA Soon!



- a journal

- any items that you use for grounding

- costumes

- clothes that you are comfortable moving in 

- an open Heart, Mind, Spirit

- your presence, attention, questions, desires, passion

- a timer


**At the top of each session, you will be asked to turn your phones on airplane mode and turn off notificarions on your computer to minimize the potential for distractions while in session.  

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