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[Rhizomatica #1: Inhabiting Paradox] is an [in-person], [healing and embodiment], [choreography and performance as ritual] residency program seeking to bring together an intimate constellation of BIQTPOC creatives to rest, move, dream, and awaken [alone, and together].


Aug. 21 - 22 | Arrival, Welcoming, & Opening Circle  

Aug. 23 - Aug. 27 | Intro Week w/ Guest Instigator #1 & 2 

Aug. 30 - Sept. 3 | Guest Instigator #3 & 4

Sept. 4 - Sept. 7 | BREAK 

Sept. 8 - Sept. 12 | Guest Instigator #5 & 6

Sept. 13 - Sept. 18  | Guest Instigator # 7, Pedagogical Exchange (Pt. 1) & Research Phase (Pt. 1) 

Sept. 19 - Oct. 3 | Pedagogical Exchange (Pt. 2), Research Phase (Pt. 2) & BREAK 

Oct. 4 - 7 | Guest Instigator #8, Celebration Showings, Feedback Sessions, Future Visioning, & Closing Circle

***Dates are set! However, schedule specifics are still under development & subject to change! Due to nature of the times we are living in, we will communicate if any major or significant changes are going to happen with enough advance notice for accepted participants. ***




[Rhizomatica #1: Inhabiting Paradox]  is an [in-person], [healing and embodiment], [choreography and performance as ritual] residency program seeking to bring together an intimate cohort of Black, Indigenous, Queer, and Trans (BIQTPOC)  artists, activists, healers, herbalists, writers, thinkers, choreographers, and dancers of Culture (to borrow from Resmaa Menakem’s term) from Turtle Island (U.S.). For this pilot iteration, the initial cohort consists of [5-9] members to ensure we can maintain safe COVID protocols. 


The cohort for [Rhizomatica] will be specifically selected to ensure that each member is able to learn something of interest from the other cohort members and opportunities to share one’s practice through teaching, workshops, brainstorm sessions, and other forms will be embedded into the timeline of events. 


This pilot iteration will include a series of transmission from invited guest instigators focusing specifically on the following areas: healing ecologies, the erotic as grounding force, death doula work, socially-engaged praxis, and approaches to choreography, ritual, and performance. These transmissions are designed with the intention to complement, challenge, and expand the breadth of knowledge that cohort members already possess. 


This timeline will also include ample time for resting, integration, and studio-based research time (alone and together) dedicated to the development of each member’s specific project, idea, or interest that they will be cultivating within the residency or bringing into the residency’s structure from the get go.  The residency program will culminate in a celebratory structure that is devised collectively (if a culmination is desired) with the interests of the cohort at the center.  

 This residency is for BIQTPOC creatives who: 

  • have a strong creative practice foundation (whatever that may be / however that manifests for you / whatever medium you are currently busy with) or are just beginning to plant the seeds;

  • are interested in working autonomously and in collaboration / dialogue with others;

  • may or may not have a movement, dance, or choreography background;

  • want to integrate more healing and embodiment into your life and repertoire of knowledge; 

  • are emerging, established, and anywhere in between or off the spectrum all together; 

  • are seeking an intentional, rigorous, and committed network of care to be supported by in this time of  transition;

  • are calling in collective healing, accountability, reciprocity, pleasure, cross-pollination, liberation;

  • are calling in growth and empowerment through lines of difference and on the level of the bones;

  • are seeking to be in co-creating spaces of being in right relation to self, earth, community, and ancestrxs.

Please Note:

If accepted into the residency, full participation and commitment to the schedule is required due to the curatorial design of this program. Of course, if emergencies arise we will remain open and in dialogue with you to support you and the needs that will inevitably arise for you during our time together.


This iteration also includes the support of April Axé Charmaine who is stepping into the role of Embodiment Guide & Grounding Goddex and will be there as a spiritual and heart center support to all cohort members on a basis that honors their capacity. 

International applicants may apply, but if accepted will most likely be confirmed as virtual participants since our current capacity is not able to support folks with securing visas to enter the U.S. Our aim is to get this figured out for subsequent iterations of this residency in 2022 or 2023 or 2024.


For U.S. based folks who are currently living abroad, please feel free to apply.

If you have any questions about [Rhizomatica], please email randy reyes at: with your questions, concerns, and anything in between.






This year’s pilot version of [Rhizomatica] will take place in Philadelphia, PA within the dance studios of the University of the Arts., which are ADA accessible. 

Housing for cohort members who are not already based in Philly will be provided and the location is currently being researched and will be confirmed soon.

 2021 Guest Instigators 


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april axé charmaine

The Nomadic Renaissance Woman--is a world-renowned holistic, interdisciplinary dance and performing arts educator, author, choreographer, channel, reiki healer, empowerment speaker, space holder, bridge builder, light bringer, unschooling empty nest mama, queer, black indigenous, mixed-race, gender-expansive identifying warrior womxn.

randy reyes

My belief is that every action is a choreographic act and that all things material and immaterial have a consciousness to them. If we erode the materiality of things, including our bodies, we soon begin to see that we are constituted of the same stardust-matter; everything in a constant state of perpetual dissolution from one state to another. Energy simply knows how, when, and where to pass through. These truths give me hope that choreographic kinetics are a valuable tool for reconfiguring our world. It is towards and through play, rigorous attention, paradoxical encounters, and engendering alternative structures of intimacy that my work unfolds.

 bay laurel 

I’m a SF born and based creative. I am inspired by the everyday poetics that blossom from my sacred connection to the earth. I find myself navigating the tectonic depths of my own identities as a queerblaqbiraciallightskindjewishAmericanizedfemmepassingshymysticdiva being through the more than human world. I am compelled and challenged to change. Whether it be through dance, video, sound, words, food, paint, compost piles, worm bins, plants, books, trees, rivers, conversation, celebration. To express, to commune, to listen, to be with, to connect as a sacred creative act, as a healing process. 


 Cost & Scholarships

Due to the pilot nature of this iteration of Rhizomatica, the intention is to have ALL costs associated for attending this residency program for all cohort members (i.e. food, transportation, housing, and tuition) fully covered. 

Currently, the price point per cohort member is the following:

5 Cohort Members = $3,905/ each | $488/week
6 Cohort Members = $3,254 /each | $542/week
7 Cohort Members = $2,789 /each | $348/week
8 Cohort Members = $2,440 /each | $305/week
9 Cohort Members = $2,169 /each | $271/week 


My team and I are waiting to hear back from grant funding sources in early 2021 that would fully cover the cost of attending the residency program for all members. Additionally, we will be designing a fundraising campaign that will be launched in early spring 2021 to support us with providing full and/or partial scholarships to all participants in the event that the grant funding is not secured. 


More Updates Soon!


Lashanna (she/her) is a graduate of the University of Michigan Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts and Board Present of A Sacred Passing. Her end of life work is rooted in a community death care model.  Lashanna holds a solid grounded space for her clients, bringing a great comfort to a time that can feel out of control.  Her knowledge, skill and experience allow her to assist people and their family in the time of dying.  Lashanna not only works with folx imminently facing death or who have been given a diagnosis; she also works with those living their life fully and want a doula relationship in place for when death does come closer or an accident occurs.

brontë’s work and rest is guided by the call that “black wellness is the antithesis to state violence” (Mark Anthony Johnson). as a black-latinx transdisciplinary artist, designer, trickster, and wakeworker, their eco-social art praxis lives at the intersections of black feminist placemaking & prophetic communiy traditions, environmental justice, and death doulaship. they embody this commitment of attending to black health/imagination, commemorative justice and hospicing systems of oppression through serving as creative director for Lead to Life design collective and educator for ancestral arts skills and nature-connection school Weaving Earth.

joy mariama smith

A native Philadelphian currently based in Amsterdam, NL, Joy Mariama Smith’s work primarily addresses the conundrum of projected identities in various contexts. A sub-theme, or ongoing question in their work is: What is the interplay between the body and its physical environment? Rooted in socially engaged art practice, they are a performance/installation/movement artist, activist, facilitator, curator and architectural designer.

 alexis akridge 

I am an experience of love, a storyteller, artist, writer, and filmmaker driven by the everyday possibility of emancipation and expansion on the level of consciousness. I perceive myself and all expressions of life as dynamic processes. I am motivated by my deeply felt sense of responsibility to the transformation of our world. I was raised in Detroit, Michigan where I witnessed and absorbed the historical consequences of racism and the violence of capitalism that is built into the physical, cultural, and spiritual landscape of the city. My blackness, womxnness, and early childhood socioeconomic context are the points of departure for my philosophical and cosmological inquiry. I am concerned with the role of identity as it relates to the causal level of turmoil, the development of personality, and our underlying principles and structures of consciousness.

Berenice Dimas is a queer herbalist and birth supporter. Her work encourages people to (re)connect with plants, the land and their own ancestral traditions. Berenice is the founder of Hood Herbalism, a community based herbal education project.

Naa Akua, is Ghanaian and Bajan queer poet, emcee, actor, and educator. They are a WITS writer-in-residence at Franklin High School, a co facilitator and teaching artist for Young Women Empowered and has recently become a teaching artist for Hugo House.They were a 2019 Citizen University Poet-in-Residence and a 2019 Gregory Award winning actor. When Akua is not writing and performing they are facilitating Sound Healing sessions which focus on breathing, being in the body and meditation.

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 COVID-19 Protocols

Due to the in-person nature of [Rhizomatica], we are asking all accepted cohort members, team members, and in-person guest instigators to quarantine at least 1-2 weeks prior to traveling to Philadelphia and to bring a negative COVID test result within 72 hours of getting on an airplane.


If you are based in Philadelphia already, we still ask that you bring a negative COVID test and minimize interactions as a way to ensure we can all be as safe as possible during our time together.


Some guest instigators will be teaching remotely and the application also asks applicants whether they prefer to attend virtually or in-person.


Regardless, the team and I will ensure to have a conversation with all parties involved to ensure we can collectively devise a plan that supports us all with feeling grounded and safe.


As an additional measure, time will be set aside each week for cohort members to take COVID tests to ensure we are keeping our pod protected. 

Masks and hand sanitizer will be provided and available in all of the spaces we use and we will ensure to maintain proper social distancing within studio spaces. My team and I will also do our best to integrate the use of outdoor spaces as part of the the trajectory of Rhizomatica and will send out a Welcome Packet with more thorough information to all accepted cohort members soon after the acceptance announcement that will include free COVID testing sites near the housing location as well as near the dance studios of the University.

Ultimately, all in-person folks will be required to sign off on a waiver and consent form to confirm your participation due to reasons pertaining to liability. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to randy directly. 




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Thank you to the current 
Residencias Rhizomatica Team!!!!

Website Design Geniuses, Angel Acuña & Andrew Pester (FAILSPACE)

Branding & Logo Design, Menaja Ganesh 

 Residency Design Consultant, Tossie Long 

Project Manager, Gizeh Muñiz  

Creative Director, Estellx Supernova 


 Marketing Support, Almah LaVon Rice 

 University of the Arts Liaison, Arabia Richardson 

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