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Real Talk #2: confessions of a stone whore, VERSE is the second solo work in a series conceived of, choreographed, and performed by EHQS/Estrellx supernova.


Real Talk #2 excavates EHQS's past-present-future intimacy archives and seeks to illuminate and bring to the surface alternative dramaturgies and temporalities of the erotic THAT ARE TRAUMA-INFORMED AND CENTER EDGING, SLOWNESS, AND BREATH. This work is an attempt to reclaim being a nasty hoe in one's own unique way; a portal towards activating one's wildest dreams, fantasies, and desires.

your desires are sacred.


the work flirts and moves with the unseen, with the tangibility and fallacy of memory, SEX, SWEAT, ORGASMIC PHANTOMS on shape-shifting dance-floors, and seeks to unify THEIR crown-heart-tongue-anus-roots, physical-energetic, divine feminine-divine masculine, spiritual-erotic bodies. PERHAPS THE BINARY IS SIMPLY A STARTING POINT FOR FURTHER DEVIATION AND EXCAVATION. 


When, where, why, how, and with whom do you experience full embodied resonance and pleasure?


Stay there.


Go Deeper.  


this work paves the way for ehqs to enter, inhabit, and embody the church of the unruly, a future work, a future space.  


Real Talk #2 is a reminder that consent is a constant negotiation and dance, even with oneself and that boundaries can often be revisted and upgraded.


When, where, why, how, and with whom are you subconsciously giving your power away?

showings of real talk #2 have been activated at forum Dança (sept. 2021), junior high (nov. 2021), & MOCA geffen warehouse (may 2022). The showing at center for performance research (CPR) is an excerpt of a much larger body of work that comprises real talk #2 which in an ideal form would last 1 - 2 hours long. 


The showing at cpr was made possible by a micro-grant awarded by artist magnet (run by david mack) and subsidized rehearsal rates awarded via dancenyc's rehearsal space subsidy program (made possible by the andrew w. mellon foundation and the NY state council on the arts).


Choreography & dramaturgy by: Estrellx

performance by: estrellx

costumes by: estrellx 

lighting design by: dylan Phyillips in dialogue w/ estrellx

Sound credits: helado negro & eartheater   

more info about ehqs' work and ethos:


EHQS embodieS a they/them energetics and straddles the roles of choreographer, performer, curator, writer, and somatic entrepreneur. They are the FOUNDER AND initial creator of The Universe of Rhizomatic Tenderness, an ecosystem and social enterprise being choreographed by and for the financial, spiritual, erotic, and artistic empowerment of Queer, Trans Creatives of the Global Majority and Allies.  


EHQS's current body of work is taking the form of el tarot de quebrantamiento: a somatic tarot deck that includes AND TRANSMITS elements of their choreographic, ritualistic, healing journeys and research. they are currently fundraising $21.5k through dec. 28, which will empower their team to fully produce the decks, with the aim to have them ready by spring/fall 2024. You can donate via the hyperlink above!


Choreographically, EHQS integrates club spaces as sites of generative dissonance and asks, "Are we celebrating or mourning or both? What do you really want and how exactly do you want it?" They implement [task as meditation, divergent simultaneity, Qi Energetics, divination, subtle Butoh energy,  eco-drag] into their ritualistic performative language.

if you want to stay in the loop, join the church of the unruly or ehqs' club here.

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