The Tarot de Quebrantamiento is an experimental tarot deck that includes an extended set / remixed version of the major + minor arcana suits and is created using offerings from my choreographic scores, meditation rituals, barrio cartographies, amongst other sweets and treats. The conceptual and written frameworks are being devised by Estrellx and the visual design is led by Menaja Ganesh; both of our hearts and minds are pouring into this offering. 


The Tarot de Quebrantamiento is designed to support you as you navigate life’s major and subtle transitions by amplifying the frequency of your inherent healing potential and inner guide and placing your body’s intuition at the forefront.


Quebrantamiento is a term that signifies the breaking down of the energetic and physical bodies in service of releasing and being reborn into a new form and this is the intention that this tarot deck is brought into the world with; to support you with healing, remembering your joy and true essence, and metabolizing any stagnant energies in your life. 


The deck comes w/ almost 100 unique cards containing Gifts, Wild Cards, Minor + Major Arcana, amongst other surprises! 


May anything that stands in your way erode and dissolve and may you choose to thrive now! 

Tarot de Quebrantamiento

  • Pay $33-$150/deck by sending $$$ via Venmo (@The_School_of_Tenderness), PayPal (, or CashApp: $EstrellxSupernova.

    Please make sure to include your desired mailing address and phone number as part of your invoice / receipt!