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My role is to support your expansion, the integration and proliferation of your visions, and to deepen your healing process. 


Through guided embodiment and choreographic rituals, we will discover and co-create channels of accountability to propel your growth. By working incrementally and centering your pleasure, I can support your creative processes, assist in your healing, and help you find expressive breath within your own artistic, business, and spiritual practices.


There is power in truth.


My story begins in Santa Cruz, CA at a healing retreat. Getting there as if by magic, this experience marked the beginning of my healing journey, specifically, intentionally, compassionately, and consciously healing from sexual abuse and other sexual harm I have experienced throughout my life.


In attending this retreat, I recognized that silencing was a strategic move for survival in my experiences of community and faith in both the Pentecostal Church and within the immigrant family I grew up within. The church was unable to see or hold me as I was coming into my queer identity, and this was compounded with what I inherited being born into an immigrant family, with lots of love and intergenerational trauma. Silencing and suppression of any kind is insidiously violent. Sharing my truth whilst hearing and holding space for yours is now a pillar in my work and I am called to this work because I am aware that it is now time to fly and transmute the patterns of conditioning that wish to keep me playing small. 


Through continual choice-making and checking-in, we make progress.


My personal healing process is ongoing, and so is yours. We are here today because of our own resilience, but also because of the support of many mentors, angels, and guides we have been blessed to encounter along our path. The work of alchemical transformation requires you to resource your own courage and autonomy whilst sinking even more deeply into your interdependence. These folks who show up for us are here to remind us of our agency and capacity to let the past go, to integrate, to allow our inner child to heal and run wild, as a direct mechanism for granting our current adult self the ability to see new choices. Choices that allow us to consistently activate a full embodied liberatory state even if at first this state is only experienced in small bursts. 


We will persistently be called to make new choices again and again. The choices we make open or close specific doors and pathways, and I believe there is no right or wrong. Based on what we decide, there will be a new set of conditions that will arise to support our growth. I will be there alongside you supporting you with recalibration and coming back to homeostasis as someone who has very quickly and frequently changed my geographies and creative base and has continued investing in my own healing journey all throughout these interweaving trajectories. The beauty of our transformation is that we get to choose how we want to feel all along the way, even when the process gets uncomfortable, disgusting, untenable. 


We can choose states of pleasure, joy, eroticism, full-belly laughter,  softness, compassion, whimsy and others to support us from beginning to new beginning. Making mistakes here is welcome so that we can  expand the realm of what you think is possible for yourself and a part of the fun is giving yourself permission to get messy! We start by identifying your initial boundaries and limitations and ever so gently expanding more and more outward, expanding your capacity to outgrow and become fully empowered.


Transformation is possible with love.


​After the jam experience ended, I will never forget the newness with which I was experiencing my body. I was buzzing with unconditional love. Everything felt possible. I had never been affirmed and loved with such consistency, respect, and admiration. 


Everyone deserves to experience and embrace this state of endless possibility, and my healing and somatic work is built from love to realize this. 

  • We are not machines: honor and celebrate all that you have accomplished thus far, from the most mundane to the most significant. 

  • We require after-care: especially after engaging with any kind of ritual, healing- somatic journey, or performative adventure or anything of the like, it is imperative to give ourselves time to integrate and fully process that work before shifting to the next commitment. 

  • We are part of the Earth: our growth occurs and our hearts expand in cycles and the more we can tune into how our own internal rhythms mirror the cycles of the Earth, the more available we will become to awakening our sacred templates and dharmic path. And each of our journeys are unique in and of themselves and this is truly my favorite part. There isn't a one size fits all to the work that I do and this allows me to tap deeply into my intuitive and creative powers to create an experience that is unique to you. 


We can find deep support in embodied practice.


We can find the divine in nature and in the quotidian—I find a deep grounding in the Redwoods, oceans, rivers, the textures of the everyday. 


We can learn from intimate relationships—I’ve assumed greater responsibility in caring for myself through forgiveness, tenderness and touch after the gift of loss of community. 


We can process grief and trauma in our physical body—I’ve found more capacity for joy and grounding into healthy patterns after healing from major concussions.


All of our experiences and losses can become gifts and teachers if we are available to receive their wisdom and embody their lessons while at the same time honoring, acknowledging, and working with the density of emotions and discomfort that arise including sadness, anger, rage, frustration.  There are no shortcuts to healing and this isn't about spiritually bypassing so that joy becomes the only constant. It is about expanding your capacity for joy so that you can more readily resource yourself in moments of Tower Card turbulence. Our emotional states want to be moved through us and want to reveal to us our inherent capacity to love and to always come back to our center line, back home to our eje.


We can all benefit from the medicine of slowing the fuck down, allowing the body to rest, and becoming friends with darkness. We are capable of moving through any moments of heartbreak, of moments that feel like the gnawing of teeth or like nails on a chalkboard—these dark moments allow us even more access to our light and neither one is better than the other. We are here to be perpetual students. Change, learning, growth, and letting go become some of the many constants. 


So what do we get to hold onto along the way? 


​Our bodies. Our responses to situations. Our outlook on life. Our ability to let go of our grip on the past. Our capacity to choose to surround ourselves with the people, spaces, and situations that allow us to become even stronger and softer versions of ourselves than before.


No more holding back. 

No more hiding.

No more playing small. 

Only moving forward in spirals and concentric circles as we orient to our own processes and meeting specific goals and milestones along the way with our heart as our compass.   


Ultimately, we are bodies made of flesh, of bone, and of intersecting systems, patterns, fractals, and networks that need to be honored and taken care of. The spaces and containers I lead and facilitate ask you to begin to trust yourself, to become your own muse, to spread the energy you experience within my sessions within your own communities and circles. 


It is through this mycelial and rhizomatic movement that my activism occurs, it is how social and cellular change occurs, and it all begins inside of YOU! 


It is through the subtle and fecund spaces of cellular vibrations and resonant embodied architectures that my work manifests and I am so excited to share this magic with you!


All of my offerings embody this philosophy.


Learn more about how we can work together here!

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