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AUG. XX - XX, 2023

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[Rhizomatica #3: GLITCH is an [IRL], experimental, performance lab led by Estrellx Supernova and Guest Artists that centers the healing arts, choreographic excavation, and ritualistic cartographies. This cycle will dive more deeply into what defines the scope of choreography, performance, and ritual and will involve playing with activating somatic scores across a series of site-specific locations throughout the timeline of the lab experience.


Core Questions include: What conditions do you need to be able to surrender, play, re-pattern layers of conditioning, inhabit your erotic energy, and how can we function as compassionate mirrors for one another to make this liberatory state consistent? What conditions do we need to glitch ourselves, collectively, into an entirely new paradigm where past-present-future become one fluid state? How can pleasure, embodied kinetics and choreographic acts support us with co-creating a regenerative future? What remains too hard to digest? How can we forgive the un-forgiveable? 

If you are a creative or someone who is interested in diving more deeply into your own embodiment, this container is for you! Alone and together, we will craft instant performances and rituals, we will dig into durational movement and endurance art practices, we will dialogue, break bread, and break out into different constellations where we unpack questions that lead to more questions. Rhizomatica is a unique opportunity to come undone, learn how to thrive in discomfort, have heart-centered dialogue, cross-pollinate between practices-beliefs-methodologies, and get creatively messy by trying something you haven't yet tried.


Each cycle can hold space for (13-21) cohort members and will require a minimum of (7) participants to run! The intention behind Rhizomatica is to engender a global constellation of care between and amongst Queer-Trans-Allied Creatives of the Global Majority, where we balance resting, moving, dreaming, awakening; where one cohort echo-communicates and leaves traces behind for the next cohort to consume, metabolize, and spit out.

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RHIZO white-01.png

This performance lab is for Queer-Trans Creatives of the Global Majority & Allies who: 

  • have a strong creative practice in the dance/choreographic/movement realms and spiritual foundation (whatever that may be, however that manifests for you, whatever medium(s)/lineages you are currently busy with or are just beginning to plant the seeds for);

  • for non-dancers/choreographers/artists who reside in other fields and sectors (e.g. architecture, neuroscience, business) that are interested in engaging with embodiment, healing, choreography, ritual; 

  • are interested in working autonomously and in collaboration with others;

  • are emerging, established, and anywhere in between or off the spectrum all together; 

  • are seeking an intentional, rigorous, and committed network of care to be supported by in this time of global transition;

  • are calling in collective healing, accountability structures, reciprocity, pleasure, cross-pollination, liberation;

  • are calling in growth and empowerment on all levels and more specifically through working with voice, choreography, and ritual;

  • are yearning to experiment with creating alternative structures in relation to time, economy, careers, productivity, intimacy, and collaboration;

  • who feel or have never felt [insert identity label or term here]-enough. All of you is welcome here;

  • who battle w/ the internal tension created by the reality that some of us have "colonized/colonizer" blood running through our veins and are ready to integrate this wrestling energy. 

  • A Note on Allyship:

    If you are applying to this container, there is an expectation that you already possess a critical and rigorous understanding of how your identities and positionalities intersect with power, privilege, class, gender (and any other intersections that are important to YOU within this ontology, reality, paradigm) and how your actions (or lack thereof) impact everyone around you, oftentimes disproportionately. This is NOT a space that will be centering whiteness or undoing/unlearning white supremacy even though this space does acknowledge that colonialism is an insidious energy that is impacting ALL of us, even when we are ALL impacted to different degrees and scales. This will be a space that holds multiple truths and centers simultaneously and that invites the possibility that even though we might not all agree, we all deserve to thrive and have access to the resources that we need to heal.  This will be a space to wrestle with our individual and collective conditioning and will not tolerate any -ism or -phobia. We are not striving for perfection here, however, we are striving to activate and cultivate a space where generative dissonance, humility, and cultural competency are uplifted, through and beyond the body, where it is possible to say no, ask the hard questions knowing that there will never be a singular answer or one pathway that serves us all, and ask nuanced questions that generate currents of reciprocal exchange.  We will engender more apertures and give space to what needs to be named. Finally, this space is set with the intention to uplift the voices and presences of Queer-Trans Creatives of the Global Majority, so if you are an ally that is applying, please be sure that you are down with this vibe. 






 Opening Circle/Session #1: Welcoming Ritual / Introduction (includes setting intentions, naming desires, goals, and wishes for the container)

Session #2 - #5 : Introductions continued, daily shape-shifting workshop sessions (w/ Estrellx & Guest Artists), where we will investigate the theme of Inhabiting Paradox, particularly by examining the way in which contradictory and complex systems, beliefs, and patterns tether and manifest through our individual and collective bodies.


Other Foci / Hot Topics include: 

- healing ecologies
- the erotic as grounding force
- grief work 
- site specific practice / interventions

- approaches to choreography, ritual, and performance



Session #6 - #9: We continue to engage in daily shape-shifting workshop sessions, expanding on the aforementioned themes and go deeper by beginning to witness and perform for one another, the Earth, unseen audiences.

Session #10 || Accumulation, Performance Offering, Closing Circle / Celebration (this will be a time to express gratitude, reveal what we have been devising individually and collectively, and celebrate with some sweet tunes, libations, and treats)

Please Note: We will be in process approximately 5-12 hours per day with specific days off for rest and integration. I will remind folks to honor your energetic and physical capacities and gently be present and available to expanding your growing edges. Allow your resistance to become a portal towards your liberation AND feel empowered to say NO!





August 2023 | EU or U.S.?




Potential Schedule Breakdown:

Virtual Intro Meeting, Pt. 1: TBD (REQUIRED)

Virtual Intro Meeting, Pt. 2 TBD (REQUIRED)

Core Team:



Spirit Guide: 

Administrative Dramaturg (IRL/Remote): 

Guest Artists:  



Application Info: 


Early Bird Due Date: June 1, 2023 | 11:59 PM EST


Final Call: Aug. 1, 2023 | 11:59PM EST

Please Note:

- ALL APPLICANTS: If you aren't local to the specific geography, you will be responsible for covering your own transportation, housing, and food costs (in addition to the tuition) to attend the residency! For local folks, you may incur fees associated with commuting to and from the space. 

- If accepted into the residency, full participation and commitment to the schedule is required due to the curatorial design of this program. Of course, if emergencies arise we will remain open and in dialogue with you to support you.

- If you have any questions or concerns, please email Estrellx at 




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After running the first cycle and including additional costs that will ensure my team and I are empowered to curate a bomb ass experience for you, the individual cost per person to attend Residencias Rhizomatica is now:

Tier 1: [$555 - $777]

Tier 2: [$777 - $999]

Tier 3: [$999 - $1111]


What You Receive:

  1. Access to (2-5) Guest Artists (w/ Estrellx as the core facilitator) who are based locally, nationally, and internationally; one of these Guest Artists will always be a DJ who composes for us live during one of our sessions and other guests will tune in virtually if not local to the specific geographies! 

  2. Access to a Spirit Guide, who may be present virtually or IRL, who you will get to meet with at least 1x-2x during the timeframe of the residency plus the (1-2) weeks after to support with any post-residency digestion!

  3. (52) hours of sessions comprised of artist talks, somatic workshops, day raves in / out of the studio, cohort exchanges, arts-entrepreneurship-spiritual guidance chats, and more! 

  4. Snacks on deck every day of the residency experience + a closing collective meal! 

  5. A Tarot de Quebrantamiento Pre-Order: Estrellx is currently co-designing their first tarot deck that is a choreographic somatic toolbox that will become available for sale between Spring 2023 - Spring 2024!

  6. (1) 1:1 Intuitive Coaching Session w/ Estrellx during or after the residency (1-1.5 hours long)

  7. A transformative experience that will breathe new life into your practice, body, mediums and will leave you with a rich tool kit of practices to integrate and share with any and all communities you are engaged with!

This new rate allows me to hire additional pre- and post- production support, in addition to having additional spiritual and admin support during the residency cycle itself (including a Spirit Guide, videographer/photographer/social media team member, an IRL admin support person, and more). 


This is the true value of what it takes to run the cycles and to ensure the livelihoods of all facilitators and team members involved. Since The Schools of Tenderness are not yet a formalized business entity, these cycles are being entirely self-produced (with pro bono time being gifted by some of the venue partners) and for these next two cycles I want to ensure all folks involved (myself, the cohort, admin support team members) feel held, empowered, and able to surrender into the experience. Because of this there are NO work exchange positions available, and this is due to how spiritually and emotionally demanding it is to both be in the experience as a participant and have to hold down an administrative role.


Additionally: There will be (1-2) FULL scholarships + (3-5) partial scholarships made available per cycle upon request as well be payment plans and arrangements that honor your cash flow AND No One Will Be Turned Away for Lack of Funds. There is a section in the application where you can designate your scholarship needs.

  • (ALLIES) If you're an ALLY w/ extra resources and want to sponsor the presence of a BIQTPOC Creative as a form of reparations, please contact Estrellx directly @ 

  • (REFUNDS) will only be partially made if you have to withdraw from the residency for emergency or unexpected reasons and need to be requested at least (1x) week before the start of your specific residency cycle. 

  • (BUDGET TRANSPARENCY) If you wish to see our budget breakdown, you can request this info from Estrellx at




Due to the in-person nature of [Rhizomatica], Estrellx will be working with each specific venue to discern the respective COVID-19 protocols. What Estrellx is personally imagining is that folks in the space are either fully vaccinated (w/ or without the most recent booster shot) AND/OR if you have specific religious or other personal exemption reasons for why you cannot get vaccinated then you will need to show a letter of exemption + a negative COVID-19 PCR test on the first day of the residency lab that is taken at least 72 hours before the first session will suffice.


Additionally you will be asked to sign off on a waiver / consent form that acknowledges the pandemic reality we are in, confirms your participation, and ensures I/The School of Tenderness are not liable if you were to contract COVID-19 while working together.  

If someone in the cohort does contract COVID-19, one of two things will happen:


1.) we will ALL get tested and pivot fully towards a virtual model


2.) we will ALL get tested, pivot towards a virtual model until all the results are in, and then pivot back to an IRL / outdoor format


Please make sure to bring your own masks, water bottles, tupperware and utensils!

Thank you to the
Residencias Rhizomatica Team!!!!

Admin Dramaturg Support: agustine zegers & Alicia Rodriguez

 Residency Design Consultants: Tossie Long  & Megan Kendzior

Creative Director: Estrellx Supernova 


Website Design Geniuses: Angel Acuña & Andrew Pester (FAILSPACE)

Branding & Logo Design: Menaja Ganesh 

RHIZO white-01.png
RHIZO white-01.png
RHIZO white-01.png
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