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you disgust me, presented at Dance Mission Theatre, Nov. 2018 (choreographed by randy reyes in collaboration with Stephanie Hewett, Filmed by: Mark McBeth)

me das asco, honestamente que si.

cuando te vi el otro dia hablando con esa media media, me entro un coraje y me mandaste a un infierno.

this work is part of a fake telenovela series investigating effervescent sculptures, repetitive gestures, time traveling and creating portals to other planes and dimensions, and is another study on an emerging interest in subtle drag eco performance.

the wig and the foil becoming masks and conductors that support shape-shifting intentions. 

Expanding Traces - Intimate Spaces, presented at Williams College, May 2014 (choreographed by randy reyes)

Black & Latinx bodies Voguing and creating Voguing / Ballroom culture in the 1970s-1980s in NYC. 

Franz Erhard Walther.

Basquiat's Corona.

Ana Mendieta's Silhuetas, again. 

The Alchemist.

The Magician.

The Wheel of Fortune.

Interstitial Communication. 

No one gets left behind here.

Agua Caliente, Agua Fria, Agua Tibia, presented at ShuaSpace, Spring 2016 (choreographed by randy reyes)

This work was part of a durational performance I choreographed with artists from NYC at a gallery space in Jersey City, NJ called ShuaSpace. The work was framed and conceptualized within my hometown of West New York, NJ which is a predominantly Latinx neighborhood right across from the Hudson River / Manhattan. It was important for me to make this work that reclaimed the tragedy of having a family member deported and reveal a bit more overtly my experience as a first-generation AfroLatinx body. Maps were devised and scores were activated in various sites over the course of four hours. 

Lxs Desaprecidxs, presented at CounterPulse, Dec. 2017 (choreographed by randy reyes in collaboration with LXS DXS)

"How do we collaborate with the force of the unseen?"

Revealing and excavating what is at stake for us all,

We attempt to engender another paradigm by practicing radical generosity, gestures of care, tuning into the space in between, neither from here nor from over there, but from in between. 

As we fall we summon an ancestxr, our bodies the drum,

our bones the structure. our skin, porous. available. present. listening. We begin to descend, but first we must drain the blood. 

Empty out in order to receive.

Becoming collective alchemical compasses.

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